Sunday, December 30, 2012

Church Fundraiser Photos

These beautiful, perfectly captured pictures were fundraisers at church. 

They served another purpose, too.

That purpose was so that each family could take home another child to pray for.
We, of course, picked up another little boy.
Here are the recommendations for how to pray for your children (feel free to print them for your own kiddos):

1.  Pray that your children will know Christ as their Savior, early in life.
2. Pray that they will have hatred of sin.
3. Pray that they will be caught when they are guilty (oh boy, that one was hard for me at first!).
4.  Pray that they are protected from the evil one with in all areas-spiritual, emotional and physical.
5.  Pray that they will develop a responsible attitude in all of their interpersonal relationships.
6.  Pray that they will respect those in authority over them.
7.  Pray that hey will desire the right kind of friends and are protected from the wrong kind of friends.
8.  Pray that they are kept from marrying the wrong mate, and that they are saved for the right one.
9.  Pray the learn to totally submit to God and actively resist Satan in all circumstances.
10.  Pray for single-hearted willingness to be sold out to Jesus Christ.
11. Pray that they, as well as the one whom they marry, will be kept pure until their marriage (about once or twice a week, I think about how lucky our sons' wives will be for various reasons...and this reminds me to pray for their some day little princess brides).
12.  Pray that they will be hedged in so they cannot find their way tot the wrong people or the wrong places; and that the wrong people cannot find their way to them.

I really like having the recommendations because it reminds me when I am tired, 
encourages me when I am doubtful,  and gives me hope that others are praying for my children.
For our third little boy, who we don't know,  I always add a few prayers of my own.  Prayers that he always has enough to eat, and the food is healthy and safe for his growing little body.  That he always has someone to read to him, to hold his hand and to snuggle him when he  needs it.  That his home is warm and comforting and he has enough blankets on his bed.  That he has at least one person in his life that loves him as fiercely as Jeremiah and I love the two boys in our house.

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