Friday, May 4, 2012

A few photos

The rest of this month has been pretty busy too.  We have been having a lot of fun outside, watching the world burst back to life, getting the gardens and pasture ready for the summer to come.  

 Jack took a few moments to explore my locked away make up bag.  I guess he didn't understand why it was locked away.  Yes, that is mascara that he was eating.  GROSS.  Another day I found him eating some of the dried up soil from one of the seeds that didn't sprout.  I couldn't help it...I sighed  "What is wrong with you????".  I swear I feed him.  He just experiences the world through his mouth, no matter how disgusting I think that is.  Just a natural way to introduce bacteria I guess.  But I have stopped running him into the house to rinse his mouth out after a big bite of sand.  Maybe if he is uncomfortable he will remember it and STOP it!

WAAAAHHHH!  My baby is getting so big!
When he stretches out and his little head is at the top of the pack and play his little toes are only about 4 inches away from the bottom of the pack and play.

He is a total comedian though.
Everything is funny, hahaha, laugh, laugh, laugh.
He is a total crack up and makes the day so fun.
He responds to "the look of death" much better than any yelling or holllering or spanking that I could hand out.  He always looks right into my face when he is confused or wants to make us laugh, even if that means he has to bend over or kneel down to see my eyes (he gives pretty dang good looks too!).  It shocks me how fast he has learned to talk.  He can put together 3 words at a time.  Brayden loves to have Jack repeat after him.  Jack loves to do it to, proving that he really is one of us (he says YEE Ha! and cracks us up).
 Once a week we take care of Sawyer.  These trucks have been such a hit that they even ride them double when there isn't enough trucks to go around.
 Daddy has been hard at work on his table.  It is so gorgeous.  There will be a bench next, but I have a long  honey-do list waiting for him (including mowing the jungle grass around here and finishing the blue paint in our bedroom), so that might have to wait a little bit.

 We got a box in the mail the other day.
 Aren't boxes are the best!

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