Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winter finally arrives

Winter came on with a late February storm.
You probably got it too.

We love winter.
Except when it makes me feel like an adult.
When I don't get to just enjoy the beauty and fun of a snow storm...

But instead mourn the loss of our beautiful trees.
The white blossom pear tree is completely split in two and gone for good.

This was our drive way.  The snow was so heavy it took down our birch trees.
The sentinels that guide us home every day. 

We couldn't get in or out of the driveway
and Matt couldn't even get the snow blower down the driveway.

We spent about three hours up on the ladder knocking snow off of them, 
trying to save them.  
Most of them will recover!!  Yay! 

 At least the real kids were happy.
  Sweet snow lovers!

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