Thursday, February 23, 2012

Swimming Lessons!

Auntie Deandra and Uncle Tim, Auntie Danielle and Uncle John and Grammie and Bappa got together and gave Brayden Foss Swim School swimming lessons for his birthday.

I tell you what, this gift was way better than any other gift he could have received for a third birthday.  The first lesson they teach the kids is how not to drown.  Then how to love the water and have a healthy respect for it.

Waiting for our turn!

It's our turn!

What's it called again?  Goggles?  Oh yeah, goggles.

Making "popcorn" splashes

learning to float on his back with a "giraffe neck" and  a little bit of terror

Humpty Dumpty style dips the pool...face in the water!

He loves it!  He loves to flirt with the girls in the other lane, play with the aids/toys in the baskets next to his three person class and to complete a task (he jumps up and says "I did it!" with his arm up in the air...when he gets back to start he says to his classmates "I did it guys!".  When I told him I was proud of him he said "Thank you, mamma.  Thank you very much."

Other than that it has been pretty tumultuous around here.  Jack gave us a scare with a temp of a 104 and symptoms of RSV.  When he was having trouble breathing I took him to the emergency room and his test came back negative.  That was a major, major source of relief (this was his exact one year anniversary of being hospitalized with RSV).  That was the same day Jeremiah got let go from his job.  But we are grateful that we can use the water at our house again (we couldn't for almost a whole week...I don't like pioneer style dish washing!).  I started my own company called Lithe Wellness Solutions this week too.  Uncle Tim help me file for my EIN and it's official.  I am in business.  Jeremiah has had one interview this week and another one coming tomorrow, so prayers are very much appreciated.

Keeping our fingers crossed!

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