Monday, October 10, 2011

The Moon and Stars

Tonight before bed, Brayden asked if he could see the moon and stars.  So after Jack went to bed (Jeremiah is still at work), Brayden and I slipped his "golashes-boots" on over his footy pajamas, towel dried his still wet hair just a little bit more and went outside to find the moon and stars.

We see the moon a lot when the sun is still awake and it is pretty exciting, so to see the moon when the sun was asleep was pretty dang neat.  The stars weren't very bright yet, but we did get to see a few.  We pointed them out to each other and he said a soft "wooow" every time he found a new one. 

Then we went back to look at the moon.  We got a pretty clear veiw in the back yard between the trees.  We talked, in the company of Rowdy, 'Mater and Grizz, about how the sun had gone to bed and it was time for the moon to be awake.

Then it was time for bed.  Brayden said "Good night moon.  Sleep tight."  Then he blew it a kiss and he held my hand as walked through the leaves ("from the tree tops, Mama?") into the garage.


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