Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We went on a shopping trip in the neighbors minivan (one day she was test driving it and she brought it home...we stood in the driveway shrieking and squealing over all of the cool features that we never would have blinked over before kids...then we felt really, really soccer momish!). We had to take Jack's seat out anyway so I just left him to finish his nap in there. He seemed so comfy!
On that shopping trip (to a thrift store for wool sweaters for mittens), we found a bike. And since we have been contemplating a bike for Brayden, and this one was $15, we couldn't leave without it. He was THRILLED. So were Jeremiah and I!
His version of riding it is to push it around the yard. Even at it's lowest position, it is still a little high to reach the pedals when they are down low.
So, he pushes.
It is very big boy exciting for him!
Jack thought it was pretty cool too.
Grizzly wondered what we were up to.
So he came over to check out his baby.
"Were you calling me?"
"No? You weren't calling me? Well let me just give you a little lick and smooch as long as I am here."
Pop a wheelie!!
Now he has training wheels on, and it makes pushing it around a little bit harder.
Then we made our annual trip to the orchard.
I always get a little chocked up at first. I love this tradition.
We used to do it when my brother and sisters and I were kids, too.
Aren't these guys handsome?

Silly Mamma! Silly Daddy!
Brayden was supposed to be taking this picture with me. He changed his mind, I guess...
They have a new addition to the orchard this year.
Its a jumping pillow!

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