Monday, May 2, 2011


We have a routine at our house, and I love it. It doesn’t happen every night, but three or four nights a week we fall into it.

It is my favorite time.

Brayden gets his jammies on and brushes his teeth and then picks out which story or stories he wants to read that night.

Then the four of us snuggle onto the love seat in the living room and read books. Sometimes Daddy reads it, sometimes Mommy, sometimes Brayden…sometimes all three of us.

And Jack, Jack sits on my lap watching his daddy and his brother with wide eyed wonder, his face so open and shining with adoration.

Then he wants to read the books too. So he thwaps his little arms and works his little hands until he gets a hold of some part of Brayden. And just before Brayden starts up a ruckus, I remind him that is how Jack tells him that he loves him.

And then somewhere between the layers of the book pages and Daddy’s voice we hear a quiet little “Wuv you too Jack”.

And in that moment, I am so proud of us as parents...I think we are getting it right.

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Tammy said...

Kell, I just love your blog...Thanks for keeping it up!!! Love you!
Your Mama