Saturday, February 5, 2011

Writing Challenge

Recently, my good friend, who I miss dearly, gave us all a challenge: Write what you believe in, positively, in a way that doesn't tear anyone down. I thought it was a great idea that will help stretch my sleepy brain, and encourage us. So here it is for me:

I believe in Grace, Miracles and Love overflowing. I believe that you have to be more than nice-that God's only Son is the only way as well as the Truth and the Light. I believe it is really, really hard to find Him and we all go our own way to do that; that its supposed to be hard and as long as we never stop searching for a way to be closer we are on the right track.

I believe that we have to be aware and in awe of our one body. That we have the right to provide whole, unadulterated, affordable food and a safe existence for that body including lots of fresh air and unlimited movement.

I believe that healthy minds and bodies are not merely a product of genetics but habits taught and learned from the very beginning of life; that nutrition, physical education and sex education are lessons best learned from the people who love you the most, not strangers, acquaintances or teenaged friends in school rooms.

Most of all, I believe that love is an action word. That as humans we choose it that action and it isn't easy all of the time, some of the time or even ever.

And that Love never fails.

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LIFE in POTS said...

Thanks Kelley. That last line is the hardest part sometimes