Thursday, February 24, 2011

3 month birthday.

Jack was admitted to Childrens Hospital on Tuesday. His RSV was getting the best of him.

His little arms are full of bruises from so many IV attempts and he had to spend the entire time we were there with his sucking thum tapped down to the IV board. We spent two nights and a 3 month birthday under the watchful care of Nurse Arla, Nurse Andie, Nurse Joan and Nurse Michelle. They suctioned and counted breathes and suctioned and suctioned and suctioned and suctioned. They readied the oxygen and suctioned. We measured diapers to see how much he was (n't) eating and suctioned and suctioned to help him breath.

He slept through the night last night withought any suctioning, and this morning, the mucus went down enough that the doc thought we could handle it on our own again. Jeremiah picked up Brayden and took him through the ER for anitbiotics to treat the things that are wrong with him and we are back home again. A little bit nervous to be on our own, but home again anyway.


Ga Mah Suggs said...

Happy 3 Months Little Jack. You are a trouper!

LIFE in POTS said...

Oh gosh Kelley, lots of prayers your way...sorry I have been out of touch with the computer lately! He is so cute and perfect in his pictures, I hope I get to meet him soon. Let me know if I can send anything your way.