Friday, November 26, 2010

The Story of Baby Jack

Jack William (after Great Grandpa Albert William)

Sunrise Tuesday morning found us checking into the birth center here in town. One of the nurses convinced me over the phone that it was time to come in, so we dropped Brayden off with the sweet neighbors and headed into town.
They thought things were moving pretty quickly, so we were admitted and six hours later, Baby Jack weighed in at 8 pounds and 6 ounces. His little 21 inch self was under a bit of stress from the hour and a half that he was pushed on, and he had a little bit of oxygen and a few extra tests to make sure he was okay. We were able to go home on Wednesday afternoon and Thanksgiving sunrise found Jack in bed with Mommy and Daddy in bed with Brayden. At least we were all together under one roof!

Brayden got to wear a big brother bracelet and push the button that playes a lullaby each time a baby is born. He is doing very well with Jack Jack. He shares his trucks and trains when he isn't driving them around the rim of Jack's carseat (where he sits safely when Mamma is busy), asks to hold "baby Jack" and even says "I kiss Jack?". That isn't to say he isn't testing his little limits and pushing boundries and throwing balls that his brother isn't quite ready to catch, but he is doing pretty well.

Jack is a sweet little baby. He looks so much like his big brother did when we first brought him home. Little Jack even has his Daddy's eyelashes! We will post more when we are able. The days seem to be escaping me at the moment and the internet connection is never good when I am ready.
These two sweet little boys are keeping my on my toes most of the day, but we are over the moon happy to have little brothers to share with the world.
We are so grateful to have such beautiful, wonderful little fellows!

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LIFE in POTS said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I can't wait to meet him.