Friday, October 8, 2010

She had me worried...

I have a great OB doctor. She usually doesn't worry too much about me (second baby and all), and my appointments are usually quick and painless.

But she measures me every time I go in. I never got measured, not even once, with Brayden. But because I am a smaller person, this doc measures me. And worries us both over it.

It had me stressed. It made me worried (nervous nelly that I am), anxious, and flat out cry (or is that hormones?).

Yesterday she told me I measured three weeks behind my due date instead of the two weeks that I had previously been measured at. So we better get another ultrasound just to make sure everything was fine.

By the way, the measurement she was taking was in centimeters. Do you know how small a centimeter is??????

So Brayden and I went in for another ultrasound today. He snacked on powerballs in his stoller and I laid on the table, warm gel on my belly, watching new baby swim around in there.

The tech measured new baby's head and said "oh my!". I said, "What? Is it big?"

She kind of laughed a nervous laugh, and I told her that it was okay, I wouldn't be offended. And she said "Yes, very big. 80th perctile, actually!"

Oh boy.

When she was done poking around in there she read me the report, laughing and asking my why my doctor wanted this ultrasound (she thought I was measuring small, remember?).

New little baby is 5 pounds, zero ounces with 8 weeks to go (and supposed to gain about a pound a week). With a head in the 80th percentile. At this rate of development, new baby will be cooked and ready to go around November 15th...not just one week ahead anymore. THREE WEEKS AHEAD of schedule.

She asked me where I was keeping that much baby. I said "Lady, compared to last time, I am huge!"

She laughed and said she'd let the doctor know everything was fine.

And I am not going to worry about new little baby anymore (well, except maybe about that 80th percentile business...yikes!).