Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twins Win!

We went to the Twins v. Rangers game on Saterday with my mom and dad.
It was the first time any of us had been to the new stadium,
or taken the communter line.
It's a new Suggs Family tradition.

The staduim was awesome!
Someday, we are going to have this same picture in front of the Ballpark at Arlington.
At a Rangers v. Twins game.
Its a good thing we went when we did.
This was the last time I'll be able to wear my Twins shirt for a while.

Brayden was a total champ.
He seemed to have a really good time and loved all of the action
(and popcorn).

Our seats were pretty dang good.
Jeremiah was happy because he could talk to fellow
Rangers fans when the Rangers took the field
(we were pretty close to the players, and I am pretty sure they were the only other
Rangers fans in our section). he he!

We were right in home run territory, row two, seats 1, 2, 3, and 4.
And they remind you quite a bit to watch for fly balls.

Here's the Rangers MVP.
He got hurt later bringing in what could have been a homerun.
But he caught the ball and slammed into
the wall, bruising ribs. Now he is out for two games.

This is right before Grammie tried to get Brayden to eat cotton candy.
He wouldn't do it.

We all had a great time, even if the score was 12-4.
And even if we left after the Twins' last at bat.
And even if it was just before the Rangers hit a home run
(their only one), right into our section.
Jeremiah will never forgive us.
But it was still fun. :)

Oh, and this picture is for Grandma Glena.
Brayden loves to help make and eat her zuchinni bread.
He's stirring it up, with just a little help!

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Emily said...

love the photos! even better that Brayden was wearing a Twins shirt to the game. :)