Monday, August 30, 2010

The Big Boy Bed.

Meet Lilly and Livvy. Lilly is in pink, Livvy (Olivia) is in green. When we first met these two cuties, I never knew who was talking about who. But now that we've gotten to know the little neighbors better (that's their mamma's foot in the corner), Lilly is always in pink. And Olivia is VERY shy (I get that). So Brayden shows off for them, and they share shovels, and we play on their really cool swing set, in the clubhouse and on the really fast slide. This particular day, their puppy, Rueben needed to work off some wriggles, so the kids sat safely on the benches while the dogs romped. And we didn't even coach them to sit there! They just thought that was the place to be. They make me laugh because Brayden wears 18 month tops and 12 month bottoms and little Olivia wears the exact same thing, at just over a year old. I guess having tall parents means nothing in toddler-hood.

Later, we worked on getting to know the big boy bed.
Lilly and Livvy are both getting big girl beds by the end of the summer, too.

I hope they like theirs as much as Brayden likes his!

We got in some good practice before we actually made the switch.
By the way, this is the bed Auntie Deandra slept in for a long time.
It is the bottom bunk, from the set she shared with me for most of our lives!
Then, we thought we'd start with naps.
And I hovered, quietly outside the door for most of it.

But Brayden slept just fine.
It was a short nap, and we need more practice.
But when his crib goes away, and then comes back for
new baby, hopefully he will roll with that just as easily.
I think that as long as new baby doesn't try
to take Kitty or Lambie
(or Brayden's new "crucks"),
we will be just fine.

In other news, Auntie Deandra and Uncle Tim are over their "baby" stage.
So they packed up 6 garbage bags of boy clothes (that I am determined to make work for a boy or girl) and a crate of toys, a chair and a bunch of other stuff.
Brayden explored the crate of toys like a little scientist while I worked in the kitchen. He quietly excavated soft books, Leggos and TRUCKS! "Mamma, TRUCKS!"
This sweet little train set was in crate and Brayden loves them.
He calls them "crucks".
And since he found them, he hasn't let them go for anything.
He gave Grizzly smoochies while he was holding them. He screamed and chased Peanut around the house holding them. Before our first bed time in the big boy bed, we had to set them on the dresser, close by. And his eyes lit up when he saw them this morning, his mouth a big "O" of surprise. It was a very sad parting when he had to leave them in the car to go into daycare. But it sure will be happy when he finds them waiting for him in his car seat this afternoon!

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