Monday, June 14, 2010

The Horse Whisperer

No pictures in today's post, because we are stuck at home with a raging case of severe pink eye. My eye is swollen from my cheekbone to my eyebrow...that is right, mamma's got the pink eye, not the kiddo. I guess, that is the best situation I could ask for anyway. But I couldn't resist telling you a quick story.

Brayden saw me lead the horses out to the pasture in the brief period of sunshine we delighted in today (and by brief, I mean five minutes). He saw the halters, he saw the lead ropes and he saw the horses follow. When we were back inside, wet with raindrops, Brayden wanted his rocking horse down from the top of the toybox. I put it down on the floor and sat down in the comfy chair, talking to my mom. Then I watched him grab his horses reins, attached to his horsie's halter, and pull him around the living room. Around and around they went, before Brayden stopped to kiss and whisper to his beloved stallion, just like mommie whispers to her mustang.

I think he is the cutest kid on the planet, and I have never been more proud.

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