Sunday, November 29, 2009

mommie thoughts

I wish I was posting cute pictures of Brayden right now. But at home, we finally have super slow internet connection, and photos take hours of time to upload, so I will continue to do that from work.

In the meantime, these are my meandering thoughts for today. My little one is sick again...or still. His third antibiotic can't seem to keep a double ear infection clear, or even stop a upper respitory infection from attacking his little chest. It can't keep him from coughing so hard his little lips and nose turn blue and purple as he hacks. It can't stop him from throwing his breakfast up as he coughs. And all the emergency room can offer us is another chest x-ray or blood work, but his lungs sound clear so why subject him to that kind of tourture if we don't have to. I hate that I have to drop him off at daycare where he picks up and distributes germs to his little buddies, but Jeremiah and I don't have any vacation time left. I have never felt so defeated in my life.


shazam said...

have you tried chiropractic care for the ear infection?

i know a lot of believers in complementary medicine. for $60 it might be worth a shot.

LIFE in POTS said...

Have you thought about tubes? I know those can clear a lot up (my brothers both had them). I'm so sorry, call if you need to talk :(