Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pictures of Brayden's first two weeks

Hi guys! Here are some pictures of Brayden. I can't seem to put them in any particular order, so you will just have to read the captions!

Bath time for Brayden!

Goofy faces while snuggeling with Daddy

Getting my diaper changed

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa Waldbillig!
(there are much better pictures, but this is the only one the blog will take)

My big feet!

Tummy time with Mommy

Meeting Grizz

Meeting Auntie Danielle for the first time (in the hospital)

Meeting Uncle Nick for the first time (they left MN as soon as they heard I was in labor!)

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Kayla said...

I've been waiting for some more pictures! Brayden is such a cutie! I had fun at Starbucks last night! I'm so glad you called!