Saturday, October 25, 2008

Angie's visit

Ang came to visit us here in Montana over Columbus Day weekend. It was so much fun to have a girlfriend around! We did a lot of the stuff we used to do, like bake cookies and treats (I have this same picture of us about 60 times through out the years-with the only changes being location one is pregnant).

We also wanted to go to Corn Maze, but once were were all loaded up and bundled into the car, the three of us spent more time looking for it then anything else. Turns out, it was closed. You just never can rely on that kind of stuff around here I guess. So we went to Fiesta En Jalisco on the way home, and yep, you guessed is also a casino. If you have never been to Great Falls, almost everything is a casino. The gas stations and laundry mats, restaruants, everything.

This is the pregnancy jacket that Jeremiah picked out for me (from Sam's Club). It was just so stylin' that Angie couldn't resist taking a picture...Yup, I know-stunning.

It also snowed six and half inches while Angie was here. Good thing we were baking treats to keep us warm!

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