Monday, September 8, 2008

Well, this is what I did over Labor Day Weekend while Jeremiah was (and still is) in Alaska. My belly is really not that big, it's just the end of the day, and it is always bigger at the end of the day...It surprised me a little, to be honest when I saw the picture! This painting is in the baby's room, which now has a crib and a play pen! Well, the play pen is in the closet (which is now free of Jeremiah's clothes-now we share a closet, bummer for me.) and the crib is in a box, but we are moving in the right direction anyway! I've heard that some prego's start to get a little bit crazy about getting everything in order a few weeks or so before the baby is born. Something about nesting. I seem to have begun nesting in month 5. Maybe it's better that Jeremiah is in Alaska! But with the way this kid is kicking, I just feel better when things are done. Plus, I have cut my workouts way back (after I scared myself half to death) and it gives me something to do with my energy (without feeling like such a crazy person).

I love all of the movement...when it slows down I start to worry. The first time I felt him (?) move I was in was the first time I had been there and not run out because I needed to vomit (Walmart smells BAD). I had just drank a can of root beer and I think it gave the little one a case of the wiggles...wiggles that I could feel. The people in Walmart (why is there always so many people in Walmart??!) must have thought I was crazy because I just stopped. In the middle of a well traveled aisle. It wasn't me that just made that...what ever it was! And then a week later I felt it again, but stronger and more persistant. And now I get to feel it every day. Jeremiah is going to be so excited when he gets home and his hand is kicked off my belly!


Dan said...

It is so fun to see up to date comments and read about your experience! Pretty soon you will be so used to those little movements (though you will still delight in each one). It's a bummer when they are gone after pregnancy and its just gas again :)

Jeanne said...

Hi Kel, Wow! You remind me so much of your mom . . . even more now that you're pregnant! You are also as talented! The baby's room is super cute! Thanks for setting up this blog. It will be a fun way to stay connected.

Love, Jeanne

Karen said...

Thank you Kelley. What a great idea and what a great mural. I am really looking forward to your updates.

LIFE in POTS said...

Yeah, welcome to the blog world! I love it.

tammy said...

Wow Kelley, Look at you...You are so beautiful!!! I wish you were here.
I can hardly wait till November when I can touch your belly.

The wall is awesome! You were always so talanted.
This blog is great. I'll be checking it every day.

Love you, Your mama

Deandra said...

I am looking at this for the second time with tears in my eyes! You look so adorable and I wish I could rub your belly. The baby's room looks fab! Love ya-
big Sis

Leigh said...

Oh sweetie, this is sooo great! What a wonderful way to stay connected to you and your growing belly.(and by the way, my belly is
always bigger at night too!!)Kelley you look like you are absolutely glowing...cant wait for more pics! Love you honey.

tammy said...

Way to go Kell, Do you think the baby liked the car ride or cheeseburger better. By the way, I believe I will start calling you Erma (Bombeck). You are an awesome writer. Keep it going.
Love you,
Your Mama

tammy said...

You look great Kell,
Thanks for the picture. I'm so glad
your doing this blog.
Love you,
your mama